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Phoenix Co-ordinator

Name: Pam

Role: Phoenix Co-ordinator

A little bit about my role:

I manage a team of four people to help deliver the Phoenix Project all over the North Wales.

We engage with young people between the ages 13 – 25 year old to assist them become more motivated and positive about themselves to hopefully benefit their local community.

What activities do you do on a typical day?:

On a Phoenix course I can be in the office where I will be compiling statistical information for the Welsh Government, managing the budget, marking and verifying workbooks the students have to complete and signing certificates for students who successfully pass the course.

Part of the job is also to speak individually to students who sometimes struggle with the course.

I try to get them to see the benefits of the course and encourage them to complete it.  I will also go on the drill ground to supervise the operational input that is given to students, from climbing ladders to squirting water!

What do you enjoy about the job?:

I enjoy the variety within the role, working all over North Wales, meeting students and seeing the change in them through the week on the Phoenix course.

The pride the students have in themselves when they carry out the ceremony of achievement for the families and schools and knowing that we as a team have played a part in that.

Why did you choose the career?:

When I left school I was given the chance to go on a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) where I attended an interview and was given the choice of completing the scheme with the Library, Social Services, Trading Standards or the fire and rescue service.

I thought the fire service would be a different and very interesting role.

What qualification or experience do you think are necessary to do this job?:

With starting so young in the fire and rescue service I have gained a lot of experience in a variety roles, which have given me some of the skills I need for this role - in particular the operational element.

I am learning something new about working with young people every day.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?:

The fire and rescue service has been a great employer for me and I would recommend it.

If you ever see a job advertised, don’t just assume it’s for firefighting -  there are a variety of roles.

With all the development and training I have been given, this has allowed me to far outreach my expectations when I first joined.

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