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Information for Carers

As part of on-going partnership working, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service strives to work closely with carers in the community to educate and promote fire safety in the home for vulnerable members of our community.

Through education and raising awareness of fire safety risks in the home, carers can refer residents for a ‘Safe and Well Check’.  A Safe and Well Check is a free home fire safety visit, tailored to an individual’s needs that can support members of our community to help protect them and their home from fire.

During the Safe and Well Check our staff will advise occupiers on safety within the home and can also offer free interventions such as smoke detectors, smokers bed packs, fire extinguishing misting systems and smart equipment such as cooker isolators.   

As a Service we rely on maintaining communication with carers to refer vulnerable members of our communities for a Safe and Well visit.

Working closely with carers is an integral part of our mission to make homes safer for the most vulnerable members of our community.

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