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North Wales Fire and Rescue Service would like to introduce their new friend Sbarc!

Sbarc will help spread messages to young children on the dangers of playing with fire and how to keep safe in your home and in your community.

In the Summer of 2019, the three Welsh Fire and Rescue Services came together and designed a character that would the help spread the Fire and Rescue services’ Community Safety messages. Their aim was to develop a character that would capture the imagination and to educate children and members of the public on key messages of Prevention, Detection and Escape and Arson Reduction.

Naming of the character was conducted through public consultation at various public events in 2019, where over 250 children were asked on to choose from Flach, Fflam or Sbarc. “Sbarc” was a clear favourite with over 142 votes.

Paul Scott, Senior Fire Safety Manager, said: “Sbarc will be featuring across our education and marketing material and will be seen at various events and campaigns providing safety advice. We hope that Sbarc will help children and their parents by helping us promote the Fireworks Code, Home Safety, Road Safety, Water Safety and much more.”

Click below to download some of Sbarc's fun activities.


How to wash your hands

Sbarc's rainbow

Washing Hands Wordsearch

Water Safety Wordsearch

Sbarc Colouring Sheet

Sbarc Maze

Sbarc Colouring Sheet

Sbarc Worksheet

Sbarc Wordsearch Electrical Safety

Sbarc Wordsearch Keep Safe at Home

Sbarc Colouring Sheet

Be Smart Online

Sbarc Firework Code

Sbarc Christmas Colouring Sheet

Sbarc Christmas Wordsearch


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