Wrexham firefighter Steve to head up the Olympic anti doping team


Wrexham firefighter Steve Roberts will be taking on his own Olympic challenge this summer.


He will be spending a month at the Olympic stadium where he will head up a team of anti doping control officers.


Steve, 43, has been undertaking drug testing at a variety of sporting events across theUKandEuropefor a number of years.


He will now be taking time away from work on the fire station to work as a volunteer with the Olympic team to ensure all competitors reach the stringent standards required by the games.


Steve has been busy running a number of development sessions over recent months, training aver 200 anti doping control officers. They will be working as a team to test around 5,000 athletes taking part in the Olympics and Paralympics.


He will be heading off to the Olympic village on July 11th.


Steve said:  "I've been attending a range of events in my spare time, undertaking drug and substance tests for competitors taking part. I heard the organisers were looking for volunteers to help with the drug testing at the games for the XXX Olympiad and put my name forward. I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that I had been selected to head up the anti doping control team.


"This will be the biggest testing programme ever undertaken in the history of the Olympics and it is a huge challenge and a great honour to be heading up the anti doping team."


Steve had sat a number of examinations to become a qualified lead doping control officer and was also elected onto the board of observers working on the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).


He added: "I'm looking forward to meeting the competitors and being part of the 'buzz' of the games - I face new challenges every day in my role as a fire-fighter so I'm hoping I'll be ready to deal with anything!"


Gary Brandrick, Senior Operations Manager for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: "This is a very exciting once in a lifetime opportunity for Steve and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is proud to be able to support one  of its staff members involved in this incredibly important aspect of the games.


"Steve's role as a firefighter sees him help protect our communities every day and his role in the Olympics will see him help protect the health and safety of the competitors taking part as well as ensuring fairness and equality in the games.


"Steve is looking forward to using his knowledge and skill post Olympiad in providing support to the health safety and well being strategy of North Wales Fire and Rescue Service."


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