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Support for the residents of Bolingbroke Heights, Flint


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and Flintshire County Council have been working together to provide as much support as possible to the residents at Bolingbroke Heights in Flint, following an accidental and unintentional water discharge which occurred during a planned exercise last week on Tuesday 1 November.


A meeting with residents will be taking place on Friday this week to focus on providing reassurance to those affected of the joint priority to restore residents’ homes to the condition they were before the incident. Residents will have an opportunity to ask any questions directly to those involved with the restoration work.


Chris Nott, Senior Training and Development Manager at North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said:


“Clearly, our initial priority and focus has been to ensure that residents were all safe and to restore systems in the building affected by the water egress.


"Since then our priority and focus has been putting in place as much practical support as possible so that residents can return their homes to normal - and on behalf of Flintshire County Council and the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service we particularly wanted to thank residents for their patience and understanding.


“North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and Flintshire County Council have been in constant communication since the event, working to put in place the things required to restore residents’ homes. This has been arranged collectively so that the work required to complete the restoration is achieved as easily as possible for residents, with a single point of contact with the insurers.”


Clare Budden, Chief Officer Community and Enterprise at Flintshire County Council, said:


"A full 'out of hours' response team attended the incident as well as our Accommodation Support Officer and specialist contractors, and we have continued to provide support to residents throughout. Our focus is to help residents get back to normal as soon as possible."

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