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Fire Door Safety Week


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is supporting Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW) this week (24-30th September 2018).


The team behind FDSW is looking to educate about the critical role that fire doors play in delaying the spread of smoke and fire, and keeping occupants safe.


Now in its sixth year, this year’s FDSW campaign – Fire Door Five: Shutting the door on fire and smoke – aims to draw attention to the importance of properly-fitted and certified fire doors as well as raising awareness of the dangers of smoke inhalation and the role that correctly installed fire doors can do in preventing the spread of both fire and smoke.


Paul Scott, Head of Business Fire Safety for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said:

“Properly fitted and maintained fire doors are invaluable in commercial, public and multiple occupancy residential buildings in terms of helping to protect life and property through restricting the spread of fire.


“North Wales Fire and Rescue Service strongly encourage businesses and landlords across the region to regularly inspect their fire doors to ensure that they are in a good condition and operate correctly.”  


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