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Update on the Emergency Cover Review public consultation


A report on the response to the recent public consultation was presented to members of the full Fire and Rescue Authority at a meeting held earlier today (Monday 16th October).

1,776 people completed the questionnaire used to gather feedback from those who live, work and travel in North Wales about the provision of emergency cover in the future.


The public consultation was open from 21 July 2023 until 30 September 2023 and details on the options presented can be found on the fire and rescue service website


Based on public feedback to the consultation, Fire and Rescue Authority members today agreed with the recommendation from the Member Emergency Cover Review Working Group that officers should continue to work on developing Option 1 taking into consideration the points raised in the responses to the consultation, and that the Authority should cease working on Options 2 and 3 presented as part of the Emergency Cover Review.

Dylan Rees, Chair of the Fire and Rescue Authority, said: “I would like to thank everyone who took part in this consultation. We had a great response from people completing the questionnaire as well as attending the public engagement events held across North Wales, in order to record their views on the three options presented within the consultation.

“At the meeting this morning, Members of the Authority reported that they felt the consultation had been extremely thorough and had been analysed in detail. Members agreed that as a result of the views expressed during the consultation, the focus going forward should be on developing Option 1 which is the only option that does not included reducing firefighter posts.”


Chief Fire Officer Dawn Docx said: “We will now place our efforts and resources on further developing Option 1 and I would like to provide reassurance that we will work with members of the Fire Brigades Union, both on a local and regional level, to find a consensus on the way forward.


“It is heartening that the level of the response to the consultation from all those who took part demonstrates such strength of support and recognises the value of our fire and rescue service. Equally, concentrating on further developing Option 1 going forward offers the potential for improving our services provided to the people of North Wales in the future.”


The final decision-making meeting of the Fire and Rescue Authority will take place on 18 December and a recording of this meeting will be available on the website, for those interested in hearing the discussion about how the decision is made.

After the final decision has been made, any changes to fire and rescue service emergency cover in North Wales would take place in a phased approach, as part of the 2024/29 Community Risk Management Plan.


More information on the consultation is available here.

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