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Fire Officer Jane set to protect at the Olympics


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service officer Jane Honey from will be heading down to London next week to help protect the athletes and spectators in her role as a first responder.


Jane from Menai Bridge, Ynys Môn plays a key role in the Service, working  as a Response Manager organising resources and firefighters on the island.


However, Jane will be taking a break from her everyday role and heading down to the Olympic Stadium to provide medical cover at the basketball stadium.


Jane has worked in a similar role at events and festivals such as Glastonbury Festival over recent years - and was keen to volunteer her services for the XXX Olympiad.


She said: "The Olympics is such a major event and I was keen to get involved and volunteer my services.


"In my spare time I volunteer for a charity called Festival Medical Services (FMS) which provides medical cover at various events such as Glastonbury and Reading Festival, raising money for example for projects in Gambia and India, such as the paying the salary of a doctor, provision of ambulances and medical training and life saving equipment.


"I feel I'm in a fortunate position with a good knowledge and experience of first aid through my training as a firefighter and FMS, so I'm glad to be able to give something back and help out at events such as London 2012.


She added: "I'm looking forward to meeting the competitors and being part of the 'buzz' of the games - I face new challenges every day in my role so I'm hoping I'll be ready to deal with anything!"


Paul Claydon, Assistant Chief Fire Officer for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: "This is a very exciting once in a lifetime opportunity for Jane and North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is proud to be able to support one  of its staff members involved in this incredibly important aspect of the games.


"Jane's role as sees her help protect our communities every day and her role in the Olympics will see her help protect the health and safety of the competitors and spectators.


"Jane is looking forward to using her knowledge and skill post Olympiad in providing support to the health safety and well being strategy of North Wales Fire and Rescue Service."

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