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Phoenix fires up the youth of Flintshire


Youngsters from Flintshire took part in North WalesFireand Rescue Service's innovativePhoenixcourse recently.


ThePhoenixproject is a course designed to assist in redirecting the energy of young people towards productive and worthwhile activities that will assist in the integration of the individuals with their peers and their communities.


The course was held at Mold Fire Station.


During the week, youngsters aged between 13 and 18  were given the opportunity to see the work carried out by North WalesFireand Rescue Service and were allowed to take part in drills. In addition, various other outdoor activities were arranged and character and team building exercises were used to ensure the youngsters learnt to work as part of a team.


Eryl Owen,PhoenixCoordinator, said: "The aim of the course is to assist the youngsters in becoming more motivated and positive about themselves, which in turn has the effect of making them better citizens.


"We are hoping that these young people will feel that they have gained something positive from the Phoenix project and feel that it will be of benefit to them in the future."

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