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Change in law for sprinkler installation


On the 1st January 2016 Wales became the first country in the world where it is mandatory for all new domestic properties to be installed with fire sprinklers meaning that sprinklers are now required in all new build or converted houses, flats, care homes, halls of residence and other residential accommodation designed as an individual's primary residence.

Stuart Millington, Senior Fire Safety Manager, said: "North Wales Fire and Rescue Service welcomes this legislation as an important step in providing a safer living environment in all new residential accommodation in Wales.

If you live in a property with a domestic sprinkler you have an enhanced protection from fire and any accidental fire is far more likely to be contained or even extinguished quickly."

Further information about sprinkler systems and how to keep them effective is contained in the guide to fire sprinklers published by Welsh Government. It is available to view on /keeping-you-safe/at-home/sprinklers-(1)?lang=en

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