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Dishwasher fire in Wrexham highlights importance of electrical safety


A fire involving a dishwasher at a property in Marford, Wrexham yesterday has prompted an appeal from fire and rescue service officials to residents to ensure all their electrical items and white goods are in good working order.

Firefighters from Wrexham were called to the house on Hawthorn Road, Marford at 12.08hrs yesterday, 9th April to deal with the fire in the kitchen area. Crews used two hose reel jets and four sets of breathing apparatus to tackle the fire. The fire caused 100% fire damage to the dishwasher.

Stuart Millington, Senior Fire Safety Manager, said: “Often in fires we encounter items which are subject to recall but are still being used by residents.

“We would appeal to all residents to ensure that their electrical items are in good working order, and to log on to the recall register to check on the appliances in their home.

“The majority of products in your home will be safe but you should regularly check to ensure none of your household appliances are subject to a recall.

“To check items under recall please visit

“If you are concerned about a product that doesn't appear on the recall list, stop using it immediately and make your concern known to the retailer, manufacturer or local Trading Standards office.

“Always ensure new electrical items are registered, so manufacturers can contact you in the event of any problems. Go to for more information and to register your electric products.

"Also, electrical appliances need to be operated to manufacturer’s instructions, and residents should take simple steps to cut the risk of an electrical fire - don’t overload plug sockets, regularly check for worn or frayed wires, unplug appliances when not in use, keep appliances clean and in good working order and fully unwind extension cables prior to their use.

“Our advice is to be as prepared as possible in the event of fire, by ensuring that working smoke alarms are fitted in your home and that you have clear escape routes to enable you and your family to exit your home as quickly as possible.”


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