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Promoting fire safety at Asda


Staff from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service will be offering fire safety advice for the home to shoppers in Asda stores on Saturday 28th April.

Fire services are delivering this information in support of the National Fire Chiefs Council’s (NFCC’s) collaboration with Asda. The supermarket chain was keen to offer fire services the opportunity to help keep people safer. They made 100 stores available to deliver safety messages as part of Fire Focus a National Fire Safety Day.

As part of NFCC/Asda National Fire Safety Day staff from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service will be at the following Asda stores:




In addition to fire safety advice for the home there will also be information and guidance about some of the services which may be available to you or family and friends from your local fire and rescue service.

Paul Scott, Head of Community Safety, said: “We recommend that every home should have at least one smoke alarm on each level. Make sure that the smoke alarm is placed where you can hear it – even through a closed door.

“Test your smoke alarm every week. A smoke alarm can buy you valuable time in the event of a fire, but only if it works.

“Be careful how you cook – around half of accidental house fires start in the kitchen. Do not get distracted when you are cooking and avoid cooking when you have consumed alcohol.”

Stewart Edgar Prevention Lead for the NFCC, said: “It’s fantastic that Asda offered UK fire services the opportunity to meet with their customers and offer life-saving advice on fire prevention. We hope this will make sure the people who need this help most get access to it, and that our presence reminds people that fire prevention should be part of everyday life – just like popping to the supermarket.”

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