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Fire at Kronospan - update from Wrexham County Borough Council 17.01.2020


The Fire and Rescue Service has announced that the incident at Kronospan is now moved to the recovery phase which means they have been able to leave the site. They will, however, continue to monitor the situation. Kronospan staff are now continuing with the process of damping down the affected wood pile.

There is now very little smoke coming from the site but there is an odour left by the amount of burnt material which may be of concern to residents in addition to being unpleasant.

Public Health Advice is as follows:

“As we enter the recovery phase residents are advised to start to vent their properties to remove odours by opening windows. Odours associated with fires can cause annoyance, stress and anxiety, nausea, headaches or dizziness. These are common reactions to odours rather than to the substances that cause the smell. We are able to detect odours at levels that are much lower than can cause harm to health.”

Agencies will continue to liaise with Kronospan in the coming days.

The air quality monitoring unit deployed by Natural Resources Wales has now been stood down. The data collected during the monitoring is being analysed by Public Health Wales and the results will be available in due course.

The multi-agency group coordinating the response to this agency would like to take this opportunity to thank all the agencies involved in this incident for their prompt and professional response. We would also like to thank residents for their cooperation and to reiterate that we understand their ongoing concerns relating to this and previous incidents and we will be answering individual queries now the initial incident is over.




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