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Consultation underway: Your fire and rescue service – right place, right time, right skills


Thank you to everyone who has already taken part in our consultation on the future of emergency cover in North Wales. Your opinion really matters and we welcome all your feedback.

This consultation is important to everyone in North Wales and understanding your views is key – you can find out more on our website and about how to take part here.

Chief Fire Officer Dawn Docx said: “We have listened to what you have said since we launched the consultation last week - in particular about our community engagement events. We understand that discussing these issues locally is important to our staff and our communities.

“We are therefore amending our schedule of these events to make them as accessible as possible to everyone – the list on our website here will be updated soon to reflect this.

“We are facilitating these events primarily so we can answer any queries you may have about the implications of the three options being presented in our consultation – we wish to encourage open conversations about all the potential options. They are also an opportunity for people to share their thoughts with each other.

“We will collate all your feedback which is being analysed independently and this will then be presented to the Fire and Rescue Authority in the Autumn.”

Fire and Rescue Authority Chair Councillor Dylan Rees said: “The challenge is finding the right balance to provide the fairest service to all communities.

“Options 1 and 2 provide enhanced emergency response in rural areas where there is currently least cover.

“Option 3 reduces fire and rescue service response and increases risk. However, it means asking households to pay less for fire and rescue services at a time when budgets are challenging and therefore it was important to include this as an option for the public to consider.

“Fire and Rescue Authority members want to know what you think about the options for providing emergency cover before we meet to make any final decisions about future provision.

“The best way to make your views known is to complete the consultation questionnaire which is available on line and paper copies will also be available at the events.

“The engagement events are an opportunity for more information to help you make up your mind about the options.

“Two of the consultation engagement events will be held on line to ensure everyone has an opportunity to attend.”


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