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Guidance documents

Guidance documents

In order to assist businesses to comply with the legislative requirements, the government has produced a number of guidance documents.

Click here to view and download the relevant guide.

The North Wales Fire and Rescue Service have produced a number of documents which will assist them in making an informed decision on a number of fire safety related subjects.

Additionally a number of documents produced by other agencies have been included which provide best practice information for the following sectors:-

LACORS Housing - Fire safety - Relates to residential accommodation, and is intended for landlords, managing agents, tenants and enforcers.

Do you have paying guests - Provides people who own small bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), guest houses, self-catering accommodation and inns with rooms simple information on how to comply with the law.

Fire safety in houses or flats used for childminding - A guidance booklet to help childminders make sure that their houses or flats are safe from fire and that they are complying with the law.


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