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Our Community Safety Educationalists visit every primary and secondary school in North Wales to educate children about fire safety.

We are currently targeting year 2 and year 5 pupils in the primary schools and year 7 in the secondary schools.

With year 1 classes we talk about the dangers of touching matches. With years 4 and 7 we discuss the need for smoke alarms in the home, fire survival and escape plans.

If you would like to receive a visit, contact Gwawr Williams or Emma McCullock

Tanni is the mascot for the Fire and Rescue Services in Wales, but was created for North Wales. It will be used to educate Key Stage 1 children about fire safety. 'Tanni' also appears on our promotional items.

Crucial Crew is an educational scheme aimed at year 7 pupils throughout North Wales.

It is a multi-agency approach that aims to teach the pupils how to stay safe in various dangerous situations.
These agencies include the Fire and Rescue Service, Police, Woman's Aid, Red Cross, Road Safety,  Coastguard and British Transport Police. The groups of pupils rotate from one agency to another, spending about 20-25 minutes listening to that particular safety message.
The list of agencies have grown over the years and we now have a 'bank' of agencies that we can call upon.

For more details on Crucial Crew contact Gwawr Williams on 01745 535 250 or by e-mail.

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