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What to Expect from an Audit

What to Expect from an Audit

What to expect from an audit

As the Authority responsible for enforcing the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in North Wales, the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service (NWFRS) engages in an auditing strategy based on national guidelines.

Our Enforcement Policy Statement sets out the general policy and principles which North Wales Fire and Rescue Service expects to follow.

In addition, all auditing activity carried out by NWFRS is in accordance with the Regulators Code.

In line with this strategy your premises could potentially be audited by the Service.

In order to assist the 'responsible person' in understanding what to expect from such an audit, the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service has produced the following guidance on the auditing process:-

  1. An Audit By A Fire Safety Officer - What To Expect
  2. Inspection and Enforcement Procedures

You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the above documents, which will assist you in showing compliance with the legislative requirements which will be assessed during any audit of your premises.

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