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Retained Duty System (RDS) Firefighter

Name: Zaffar

Role: Retained Duty System (RDS) Firefighter.


A little about my role: 

As an RDS firefighter, I can be on call during the day if my work is in the local area,  and also from my home in the evening. I also attend  drill nights to hone my skills as a firefighter.

When the alerter is ringing we respond to number of calls including building fires and road traffic collisions  - any incident that may require our attention. No two  incidents are ever the same,  which makes being a firefighter interesting.

As part of my role we also conduct fire safety checks in the community, educating the public on the prevention of fire in their homes.


What activities do you do on typical day?: 

My activities can include daily checks on the pump and community fire safety work, as well as responding to the alerter. 


What do you enjoy about your job?:

No two incidents are the same -  this makes a career in the fire and rescue service interesting. This job can be demanding physically, so fitness is always an important criteria  - this allows us as firefighters  to carry out the most demanding of jobs.  


Why did you choose this career?:

I chose this career because my job as a contractor only fulfilled certain aspects of my life. I chose the fire and rescue service because it gave me the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge and give back to the community. 


What qualifications or experience do you think is necessary to do this job?:

This career is all about serving and educating the community through fire safety and responding to incidents. If you are a people person, self motivated and work well in a team this is the career for you.


What advice would you give to someone who wanted to pursue this career?:


You will need drive and determination, a thirst for knowledge and the ability to work as part of a team in a highly physical and demanding career  - if you are that person, then join the Service.


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